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A fan of music in general with boring humor reviews K-POP (and maybe some little J-POP, T-POP wouldn’t hurt, put in C-POP too, even Western pop, some bands maybe, well let’s just include everything at this point.)

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As they say, Seventeen never disappoints. I can’t agree more. They have had so many nice singles throughout their career. This is yet another addition to their golden tier discography. HOME;RUN in a way throws Seventeen back to their funky days, reminding us again of what style they nail the best. There are several highlights… More

Review : LYRA – LYRA

LYRA is a new T-POP girl group containing BNK48 members, Pun, Jennis, Noey, Fond, New and Niky. I don’t follow BNK48 enough to write anything about the members themselves so I’ll only give a brief review on their new self-titled debut song. T-POP has honestly long passed its golden era. It used to be fairly… More


I don’t want to do an album review for every group because I obviously don’t have time. Here is a very brief review of the songs in the album, including the pre-released How You Like That and Ice Cream. 1.How You Like That The song is very formulaic and uses the same style BLACKPINK did… More